New Contract Cell Phones
new cell phones store petaluma

We carry a large selection of new Verizon & T-Mobile Cell Phone that require contracts.

New iPhone Cell Phones
iphone petaluma

We have new iPhones for use on the Verizon and T-Mobile Networks. All iPhones require a contract for activation.

New Samsung Cell Phones
samsung galaxy cell phones

New Samsung Galaxy & Samsung Note phones are in stock and ready for activation. Call Today!

New HTC Cell Phones
HTC phones petaluma

We carry the latest HTC cell phones for use with our contracted carriers. Upgrade your old cell phone to a new HTC model.

New Motorola Cell Phones
motorola phones petaluma

Looking for a Motorola cell phone? We carry the latest & most popular Motorola smartphones. Stop by our store for a look.

New Windows Cell Phones
windows phone petaluma

We stock the latest Windows cell phones that can sync with your Windows based computers.

Petaluma Wireless

A Petaluma Cell Phone Store

At Petaluma Wireless, we are an authorized T-Mobile and Verizon Reseller. We offer the latest in new T-Mobile and Verizon cell phones, Tablets and cell phone accessories for both providers. We also carry a large selection of new prepaid wireless phones that offer pay as you go plans and no monthly service contract. If you are a customer of T-Mobile or Verizon and need to pay your bill we have bill pay services at our downtown store. In fact we are an authorized pay center for all mobile carriers. You can pay your cell phone bill in Petaluma, no matter who your carrier is.

Verizon Cell Phone Store Petaluma (Authorized Reseller)

Our Petaluma Verizon store is an authorized Reseller of Verizon cell phones and Verizon cell phone accessories. We carry both Verizon contracts and Verizon prepaid wireless phones. We have Verizon iPhones, Verizon Samsung Galaxy phones, HTC, Motorola and more! If you are looking for new or used Verizon cell phones, give us a call. We also invite you into our Verizon cell phone store in Petaluma to view and test all the models of phones we carry.

T-Mobile Cell Phone Store Petaluma (Authorized Reseller)

Our Petaluma T-Mobile cell phone store is an authorized Reseller of T-Mobile cell phones. Our T-Mobile cell phone plans include both contracted phones and non contracted cell phones, including T-Mobile prepaid wireless phones. We have new and used T-Mobile cell phones. Inventory on our used T-Mobile cell phones does vary, please call to see what used cell phones we have in stock. If you are looking for a T-Mobile cell phone store in Petaluma, give us a call or stop in Today!